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Our creative learning activity packs aid development of childrens' explorative minds through play and reading. With over 30 bags of fun to choose from, each pack contains carefully selected materials that are designed to encourage learning through creativity and self expression, as well as enhancing parent-child interaction.

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  • I want to be a pirate discovery bag
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  • I want to explore science, volcanology, nature and much more
We help young minds develop and meet their full creative potential!


We know children are not all the same and they develop at their own pace. We are committed to Teachers, Childcare Professionals, parents and their children by creatively offering them the tools to discover new things about a given subject or themselves. It's an interactive process, which is both entertaining and educational.


  • Specific subjects covered
  • A progressive learning approach throughout the three ranges
  • Resources carefully sourced and presented saving you time in sourcing them yourselves

Explore our ranges below!



Who does your child want to be today? Do they like the idea of being an astronaut and jetting off to the moon? Being a Pirate and digging for treasure? Or coming to the rescue and making someone feel better? Wherever their imagination takes them the ‘I Want to Be...’ range has it covered.

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Ignite your child's passion for learning by encouraging them to explore a subject using their imagination, whether it's Archaeology, Horticulture, or Volcanology! As parents, we all want to give our children the best opportunity to grow and develop. It starts here with these creative learning packs.

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We've all been there. You get a note in the schoolbag that says they've all to dress up as... and a sense of panic sets in, but don't worry, we've got it covered and it’s in the bag! This range specifically covers subjects in the National Curriculum and offers teachers and parents a convenient resource, allowing a child to engage with the subject in a tangible way. Each “I’m Learning About... pack contains a carefully selected costume and a book or an activity based on a specific subject they are studying at school.

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Our founder, Dorothy Sampson, has long held the belief that imaginative play and creative activities offer her daughter the best opportunity to explore and learn about the world around her.

So, she set out on a quest to find exciting ways for them to have fun together and for her daughter to learn at the same time. She wanted to create activities that were affordable, dynamic, explorative, informative, imaginative and educational, but she quickly discovered that it could become quite a task to source the right materials and often they had to be ordered from several different places.

...and so Me and My World was born!

Our ranges have been developed in order to save you the time involved in sourcing products and deliver a convenient resource on a specific subject. Each bag is clearly marked and offers a quick and convenient way of storing the resources after use.

We want to promote education, self expression, giving children the confidence to ask questions about themselves and the world around them - we want children to thrive and not just survive!

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As well as offering a fantastic range of resources to schools and nurseries, we are passionate about empowering parents and families to share the responsibility for learning beyond the school gates. After all, learning is fun and we want to help you meet your child's needs, that's why we've made it easy and believe that our ranges offer unique opportunities for parents to encourage their children to explore a specific subject in much more detail.

Each themed activity pack encourages children to explore a topic through role-play, reading and enjoying an interactive activity. We inspire children to learn as they act out a part in an exciting way, as well as develop their reading skills.

We offer three ranges that all support a progressive learning approach. As your child's interests change and level of understanding increases, so do the activities within each Me and My World range. Every bag of fun is a one-stop introductory shop for children ranging from 4 to 11, covering a wide range of interests and activities.

It's very important to us that we give something back to the children in our local community and those further afield. Is there a children's charity that you would like to support? If so, let us know.

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Are Teachers, Childcare Professionals, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, just like you! We love to hear what you and your children think of our products. Your thoughts and opinions have helped to make learning fun. Why not get in touch?

We've also worked with other childcare professional experts too, in order to help us understand the developing mind of children and our products are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

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